Our Work

The primary purpose of the Kootenai River Network is to foster communication and implement collaborative processes among private and public interests in the watershed.

These cooperative programs lead to improved resource management practices and the restoration of water quality and aquatic resources in the basin. We seek to empower local citizens and groups from two states, one province, two countries and affected tribal nations to collaborate in natural resource management in the basin.

Education & Outreach Projects


The KRN, in an effort to provide the public and visitors with information of the Kootenai River Watershed, including its history, fish and wildlife, has constructed four informational kiosks which have been placed throughout the watershed along the Kootenai River. 

Watershed Restoration Projects

Grave Creek Restoration

Therriault Wetland Restoration

Dunn Creek Bank Stabilization

Sinclair Creek Watershed Improvement

Fisher River Road Removal