Grave Creek Restoration

Grave Creek Project Reports

grave creek beforeClick photo for larger image.
The Grave Creek Demonstration Project reconstructed approximately 1,000 feet of stream channel, with approximately half the length of the project consisting of a 20 feet high eroding bank.  The eroding bank part of the project was completed in the fall of 2001. This bank contributed substantial amounts of sediment annually to Grave Creek.

grave creek beforeClick photo for larger image.

The eroding bank was contoured and a 15 feet wide armored bank terrace was constructed to prevent the stream from regaining access to the toe of the slope. We also planted the bank with grass and installed 2 J-hook vanes and one rock vane designed to center the flow toward the channel thalweg. 

grave creek beforeClick photo for larger image.

Throughout the remainder of the project area, we installed an additional cross vane, 4 rootwad complexes and transplanted approximately 6,300 square feet of sod mats and numerous shrub complexes to center the stream flow, increase fisheries habitat pool habitat and complexity, and stabilize stream banks. 

We accommodated an existing water right within the project area by installing a flashboard headgate at the point of diversion and a McKay self-cleaning fish screen to eliminate juvenile fish entrainment in the irrigation ditch.

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